Friday, January 30, 2015

So Many Choices!

In the world of memory keeping we have so many choices of how to document the things we want to remember. Some do Project Life that incorporates daily, weekly, monthly or any variation of those into an album. Heidi Swapp brought innovation to the concept with her Memory Planner in 2014. The concept was based on “stopping the blur” by writing down one little thing each day. Then the pictures rounded out the month. It was just enough of a journal, daily planner and scrapbook to get me hooked! It was my version of Project Life for 2014. So this year the memory planner (the black and white striped journal) is a little different. And the beauty of this industry is we have so many choices. I began the Capture30 class thinking that the 2015 Memory Planner was going to serve just as last year’s did. But after working in it, I realize that this is more of a personal journal and planner. By the end of the year this little album is going to be quite thick so it’s not something I think I would pass around to my friends or family to look through. I will be keeping up with this planner and it will play a big part of my everyday life. But for me, it’s not going to be my “memory planner”/Project Life album.

So now what? I settled on two other choices: traditional 12 x 12 Project Life or using the Heidi Swapp boxed journal (from Michaels in December) and adapt it to feel more like what I enjoyed so much last year. I went with the latter. This gives me space for the one little thing each day and also it’s easy to add pocket style photo sleeves (the holes are a perfect fit and so are the size of the 6 x 8 pages). This album will definitely accommodate adding a few pocket pages or memorabilia for each month.

My only worry is that this could feel redundant. I think with some of the ideas from Capture30 and turning the focus of the striped planner to be more of a gratitude and introspective journal that they will end up being quite different from one another. Sometimes the choices in scrapbooking can be a little overwhelming and just nailing down a plan can be the biggest obstacle. Now I’m on way…and it’s different then what I planned originally - but that is okay! There is no wrong way. I will have a very detailed personal journal/planner at the end of this year AND a more general planner that my family and I will cherish.

Here are some photos of what I've got so far for January. * I am having some issues determining the best way to photograph my album so please excuse the lighting/shadows and white balance.

Below you can see how I added little one inch square photos in the margin of the calendar page. This is also a great place to put QR links to videos.

At this point, I will probably call it done and start February.

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