Sunday, February 22, 2015

Heidi Swapp Marquee Love

For those of us that follow Heidi Swapp, we know all about the fun letters that she has recently released at Michaels.  I picked up some letters and knew that I wanted to dress them up cute for my daughter's room.  I was having trouble deciding what I wanted to do because there are just so many possibilities.  I decided to use some paper from Dear Lizzy's Serendipity line because the colors seem to work well with my daughter's decor.  I also used a piece of pink glitter paper to add a little bling.  Love that the glitter paper is mess free!  I saw the "LOVE" letters configuration in photos of Heidi's CHA booth and that got the ball rolling. She also used some plain clipboards in a cute way so I knew I wanted to incorporate that into the design of the wall.  Here's a close up of the letters.

I tried to photograph these in low light to see the glow of the bulbs.  I did my letters simply with paper and left the edges white but you can cover every inch of these with paper, paint, tape, glitter - whatever you wish.  Here's a few more photos to see how cute they look in her room.

The chandelier in her room casts a weird shadow and I couldn't really get a good shot without it so please excuse that.  

For anyone who wants a little step by step of how to cover these, here are some shots of how I did a star that is going on a different wall.  When you open the box you get the shape/letter, light strand, template and directions for stringing the lights.  Each set of lights is unique to that shape/letter.

I did a quick coat of silver spray paint.  The material soaks up the paint so fast so I was ready to go with the next step in less than five minutes.

Then I traced the template onto the the back of the silver glitter paper.

Place the glitter paper in the star.  So simple!

I used my scissors to push into the little holes for the bulb caps to go in.

After all the holes are punched and bulb caps are in, you simply follow the template of how to string the lights.

And one of the great things about adding paper is that you don't have to glue it in so you can change it out whenever you like.  These are a great way to add some personalized decor to any room!

Thanks for looking!

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