Tuesday, May 19, 2015

April Project Life/Memory Planner

Hi!  For those who aren't familiar with my approach to the memory planner by Heidi Swapp and Project Life I will recap what I'm doing.  I am using the black and white striped memory planner primarily as a journal.  I use it to reflect rather than plan.  It is more word oriented and personal and not something that I would pass around to share memories.  Let's just say it's something I do just for me.  So I decided to use the Heidi Swapp gold boxed album from Michaels (sold during the holidays) as more of a project life album.  It does have the calendar grid pages included so those recap the month and where I try to write one little thing everyday which is inspired by Heidi's idea of the memory planner.  One thing I love about modern memory keeping is that there is no right or wrong way and you can gather inspiration from so many sources and use them to fit your life.

To get to the point of this post, here is what I've done for April which is very much inspired by the ever so talented Stephanie Bryan and her really fun approach to project life this year.

Actually, this first picture is the last page of March.

April's title page:

I like to fill in around the calendar area with some tiny photos. Excuse my messy handwriting.  I was pretty much just getting it done and didn't even take the calendar out to write on it properly.

Next up are two photos from our cherry blossom session.  I just printed them and adhered them back to back.

A journaling card with a printable I made from some old Houseof3 word art featuring Heidi's handwriting.  Hidden journaling underneath detailing our Easter holiday.

I adhered another project life card from Heidi's new September Skies Core kit to the back of the other card just so the back wouldn't be plain.

I really like the new September Skies Project Life kits!  The "go, fight, win" clear insert is from one of the new boxed sets from Heidi Swapp at Michaels now.  I just trimmed off the extra pockets on the pocket page so it wasn't blocking my daughter's face.

The last page is a collage I made in photoshop to showcase some of my favorite shots from the soccer season.  I think it might need an embellishment or two, but again, I was just getting it done.  Often, I  go back and add more detail to past months' pages when I feel like something needs embellishing.

And lastly, this is the title page for May.

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