Saturday, September 26, 2015

Halloween + Minc + Crate Paper = FUN!

I love Halloween so when I saw the Crate Paper products made to go through Heidi Swapp's Minc machine, I was thrilled.  I try to wait until October 1st to decorate, but with all this cuteness, there was no way I was waiting. 

I got right to it with some orange and silver foil, these cute tags, and this ephemera.  These are straight out of the machine.

I added a little embellishment to each tag but they are cute just as they are made. Foiled products are hard to photograph!  They each catch the light so differently so this was the best shot I could get (it's rainy and dreary here so natural light either).

I ended up hanging them from baker's twine with clothes pins from Michaels to create a garland on my mantle.

The garland adds another level of fun to my Halloween mantle.  I have some more Halloween crafting to do so the mantle might get changed up a bit. I like moving things around until I get them just the way I like them. Nothing else is gonna fit up there obviously, so I will just have to spread it around to other parts of the house.  

Below is how everything looks right now with the lights turned down.

My little "boo" pumpkin on the hearth was inspired by this blog post

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